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A Super Simple Formula for Better Google Results

So Google is dominating search even more …

The question is: Are you talking to the search engine powerhouse?

Are you giving Google a roadmap to your content by using the free or cheap resources available on the Web?

Here’s the super simple formula I’ve used for two years of blogging:

+ Sitemap Plugin
+ Pretty Permalinks
+ Good Headline Writing

+ SEO-ized Theme
= Better Google Results

It works.

I could show you my first blog’s stats and how I’ve barely even touched it for the last 8 months (hey, I’ve been distracted) and how it still gets 500-600 daily visitors without any real effort on my part now.

Now … I didn’t say you’ll get traffic equivalent of rush hour in L.A.

But … you can get targeted and residual traffic within a niche that happens to be YOUR TARGET MARKET.

This formula … it’s really too simple … because I’ve explained it dozens of times to clients and people still search for the magic bullet … so I’m working on a more complex formula that actually incorporates some sort of quantum physics (or at least some mathematical jargon) I don’t even understand.

I think only then will people stop wasting their time past that simple formula and refocus that energy on creating better content.

-9838 Errors with iPhone 2.0 Upgrade

This morning I thought I’d get my iPhone upgrade to 2.0 so I could get some cool apps talked about here … but I failed to realize maybe a couple million more people around the globe had the same thought and would clog the pipeline.

Along with a whole bunch of people, I’m getting the -9838 and -4 error messages with iTunes. And of course, my phone is dead … unusable until I can get past the iTunes issue. Well, I guess I can make emergency calls.

FYI, just found this forum post on about it….

Get Fed: RSS Day May 1

If you don’t read blogs via a handy feedreader, you should. It saves sooo much time.

Daniel has started RSSDay, which will be on May 1.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. There’s a video on the site, but I’ve heard RSS or feeds are like an email inbox for websites/blogs.

I’ve got well over 100 sites that I monitor on a daily basis and going to each site to see what was updated would be crazy insane. With my feedreader — Google Reader — I can do it straight from my iPhone in bed!

By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my feed here, click here to subscribe!

Get 2 More Web 2.0 Free WordPress Themes from

Over at iThemes, we’ve just released our inaugural free WordPress themes. We think this represents a first-step contribution to the WordPress community in the realm of free theme releases. Along with our free WordPress video tutorials, we plan to make more contribution to the community in the future (so stay tuned).

[ Download and demo these web 2.0 blog themes here ]

Here’s a quick screenshot to show you what they look like:


free worpress web 2.0 themes

By the way, these themes were designed by a great freelance designer named Spencer Barfuss.

Why Blogging Won’t Go Out of Style

I just did a phone interview with a reporter from our state daily newspaper about blogging. And in the interview, it seemed like I keep coming back to the idea of the popularity of blogging being attributed to it being relatively easy for people to do it.

I said this comment directly, which I’ve said many times before in a seminar I did on the subject and also person to person as I’ve explained this “phenomenon,” … “Blogging platforms lower the bar for what it takes to publish and maintain websites.”

I explained that in 1999 I bought this domain name and began posting my humor columns when I worked for daily newspapers as a copy editor and writer. To just maintain the site at the time took almost more time to update it, keep the links active, than my actual column did.

But blogging … or the software or blog platforms that run them … took almost all that work away. It automated it. It made it easy … at the click of a button type of easy.

I also told the reporter it’s so easy — publishing a blog — that if a person could operate Microsoft Word, they can publish a blog.

… and that’s why … the concept of blogging won’t go out of style.

What I’m talking about is … the concept of making it easy and near effortless to publish and maintain websites won’t EVER go out of style.

And that’s what blogging — the concept, the online software and platforms that run them — has done for the Web … and personal websites.