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Choose to Invest in Friendships

I did a guest post at Post Status on Investing in Friendships Rather Than Enemies today.

  • Enemies are only trouble.
  • Enemies are distractions.
  • Enemies eat my time and energy and focus.
  • Enemies seek your destruction.
  • Enemies oppose you.
  • Enemies seek to “harm or weaken” you.

Friends do the opposite.

Why purposefully set out to make enemies then?

Read my post here to learn how I approach friendship versus enemy making.


What Are Your Life’s Core Values?

Was asked this question recently and wanted to pose it here: What are the top three values of your life?

Values are only values if every decision you make is filtered through them. It’s not a value if it doesn’t make the checklist of your decisions. And you can tell what you value BY your decisions.

So, of course, I gave four instead of three:

  • Love & Caring – I want to be known as someone who loves and cares for people. This also means helping others.
  • Right & Wrong – I want my life to be centered on good values that put people first.
  • Purpose & Impact – I want my life to count, to use my time, talent and treasure to make people’s lives awesome.
  • Learning & Growing (Teaching & Sharing) – I want to always be growing and for others to grow as well.

I hope my life paints these in vivid color.

The real test would be … if you were to be impartially judged by your stated core values, would they be found true?

In reflection these matter most to me. And of course I’ve stumbled and not always lived them or acted on them as my core. But looking at them, they resonate within me deeply.

And as the founder and CEO of our company, I’ve found that my core values and DNA are interwoven into who we are and how we do things. And I like that. Very much. As these symbolize who I am, to my core.

What are your life’s core values? 

Jealousy Is An Obstacle To Your Purpose and Prosperity

I just wrote a 2,100 word post about jealousy and how I was once consumed with it, how I battle it almost daily and what I do about it.

Just reflecting on the freedom I’ve experienced to focus on my story and my journey and make progress by redirecting the energy makes me smile.

Read Why Jealousy Is Sabotaging Your Prosperity here.

How To Embrace Prosperity The Right Way

This year our iThemes customer focus is WProsper, specifically we’re going to focus on helping our customers make money with WordPress and iThemes.

I just wrote a post titled Why You Should Embrace Prosperity (and Not Feel Bad About It).

I admit to being hung up on the word for many years, but when you approach it in a positive, people-centered way, you should be all about it.


Need a Quick Kick in the Pants to Release Your Work?

In 2006, I clicked publish on a blog and it forever changed my life. Since then I’ve kept clicking publish, taking chances, and putting my work, opinions, ideas out there for the world to see (and hopefully be changed for the better).

I commissioned this illustration by my friend James Dalman to highlight my talks about this life philsophy that I’ve been calling The Click Publish Moment, when you take that big bold step of releasing your work into the light of day, and for the world to see.

Click Publish Poster


You can listen to the Click Publish Keynote I did here and 5-minute lightning talk here. Also my Click Publish talk slides are here.

If any of this helps you Click Publish and let your work see the light of day, I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and download and print the Click Publish Poster PDF here