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Marketing 101: The First 5 Books To Read

I’ve learned a ton just by reading great pulp.

I love reading. And I REALLY love read books that help me DO something … like get an education in marketing without stepping foot in a classroom.

So today I’m handing out homework and here’s your first assignment …

For around $100, I think you can get a great marketing education with these great books …

Your assignment (should you choose it) is to read these 5 marketing-related books that I think every small business owner/entrepreneur should read:

If you’ve read them already, I’d love to hear feedback on how you implemented it in your business. Post a comment, or send me an email.
Also, check out The Napkin’s Bookstore here for more recommended books.

By the way, one of the ways you can help support The Napkin is by buying books you discover here through the bookstore.

Marketing Ideas

My Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile

4over biz cards cheap business cards direct mail Printing printing project

Four Cheap Online Printers for Your Next Project

Looking for an affordable (read: cheap) solutions for your next business cards, direct-mail postcard or company brochure?
Here are four places to look at for your next printing project:

What I suggest doing is testing the waters. Order some cheap business cards from one of them. Then see how it turns out and venture out further with a brochure or postcard.

Rockin' Biz Blogs

Rockin’ Business Blog: Countrywide Insurance’s Credit Dymystified

Countrywide Insurance’s Credit Dymystified site is an excellent example of using a blog (WordPress) for educating and … hmm, marketing!

This site shows how you can teach people … and in doing so, demonstrate your expertise and products.

Marketing Ideas

The Napkin’s First Shot

By default, WordPress’s first default post is “Hello World!”

I call it and this post .. the first shot out of my blog gun.

So here it is … The Napkin.

First things first … Why call it “The Napkin?”

So many times I’ve get ideas at the most inconvenient times. And SO many times, I’ve scribbled them down on a napkin. Desperate for something to record an insight, I’ll grab a napkin out of my car’s glove box, or take one off the table and write it down.

Hence … The Napkin – marketing insights and ideas that could be written on a napkin.

What about the domain name “”?

I’ll flesh that out more as I give tips for marketing online … but it boils down to “keywords.” That’s what this blog will be about anyway … and having those keywords helps with search engine rankings …

But I’ll affectionately refer to this blog as … yeah, you guessed it: The Napkin.

Find this blog at … but the brand is The Napkin.

What am I going to write about?

This answer will be shaped and molded as I post in the upcoming days, months, and perhaps years … but here’s what I’m thinking this blog will look like … or … actually, just the stuff I want to write about here.

Here goes:

I want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners (particularly cash-straped ones) by providing marketing ideas, tips, case studies, etc. that will help them do business better and translate to more $$ in their bottomline.

I want to talk about how they can use blogs to benefit their businesses — blogging 101 for businesses will probably be one of my first series here.

I want to show how they can use websites (and blogs) in their marketing efforts.

I want to teach concepts and ideas, particularly of Internet and online marketing … and design, maintenance stuff.

I want to offer tutorials and how-to guides for doing things online, like how to set up a blog in 5 minutes!

I want to also give resources and links to other sites that are helpful to “mom and pop.”
And then … I want to have a forum, a place to dump ideas I get or see.

As I write this, I’ll be thinking of my grandfather — my entrepreneur grandfather — who has owned a motorcycle dealership in Oklahoma for more than 30 years. He’s a successful small business owner. But the web isn’t something he’s done much of …

… so I’ll probably write to him … as if I’m giving him real-world advice for navigating the online world.

Here’s to you Papa Leo!

Let the fun begin!